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Andre Kertesz (1894-1985)Andre Kertesz

Advertising, Commercial, Documentary, Photojournalism

Biography: André Kertész was one of the major photographers of all time. He made his mark on different kinds of photography, bringing new meaning to documentary photography and as an art form. He was born in Budapest 1894 and died in New York 1985.

Hungary (1912 - 1925): As a young student of commerce, Kertész bought his first camera in 1912. He photographed peaple he met by chance and those he kew well, places he frequented. He set out to look at the world and contemplate it with the greatest attention and respect. At first he would explore, inovation was to follow.

Paris (1925 - 1936): In 1925 André Kertész moved to Paris. In the same way as he had roamed the Budapest countryside, he walked the streets of Paris. As he was stimunlatet by the ideas of arists around him , his pictures became less sentimental and more sophisticated. Paris was to shape his way of seeing forever.

New York (1936 - 1985): André Kertész, together with his wife Elizabeth, came with boat to New York 1936. It was intended to be a short stay but World War II came in between. In New York Kertész became a freelancing photographer for "Harper's Bazaar", "Vogue" and "Look". He became a master of stradling both worlds of fashion photography and of mirroring the fragil evolving nature of all human experience.

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You are Here Profotos > Education > Reference Desk > Photography Masters > Andre Kertesz
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