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Kodak Professional Photoguide

Kodak Pro PhotoguideREVIEW: From Darren Chong (reader)

This is a very technical book, those dipping into photography as a beginner will really yawn fast. In short not for learning but as a technical reference.

Excellent information on everything I can think of, data tables, charts, dials, formulas. In fact got me learning new stuff on light metering and exposure.

An initial problem is that the filters are referred in Kodak terms and Wratten, eg 20B, 30R, 20C etc...kinda confusing at times, I still don't quite it much of the time (too lazy perhaps) but minor glitch. One other thing is, read it before you go for the trip! Can really get messy if you need info in a hurry. Really thoughtful that a gray card is included but I prefer the neat idea that the Nat. Geographic Field Guide team did; inside covers acting as gray cards! cool.

Saying it as a field guide would be a bit of overstatement, at least for my purpose. The cover is so thin and binding so flimsy that I wonder what the publisher and author are thinking. I had to reinforce it with tapes and thick cardboard, maybe some wont need it but people like me who carry the camera in a watertight bag in one hand and go backpacking might just need to do these. I wish it's smaller (thicker is not a problem) but alas, one can never please everybody...

Get this book, even if you think you won't need it (like me), you might just learn new tricks never thought of or come across your mind.

The Essentials of Nature Photography
by Milton Heiberg

The Essentials of Nature Photography  - Milton HeibergREVIEW: From Publisher

The Essentials of Nature Photography follows the general format of the course outline that the author has used in his classes at the New York City Audubon Society since 1981. Some of the topics covered are:

Landscapes: Composition, form, lighting, weather. . .

Telephoto: Action shots with autofocus cameras, wild animals, captives, flying birds. . .

Macrophotography: Theory & technique with wildflowers and insects. . .

Digital manipulation: Retouching, creativity vs truth in nature, and ethics & honesty. . .

Organization and presentation: Portfolios, interviews, slide shows, storage and record keeping. . . This book is meant to be read and used as a reference by any photographer, novice or professional, who wants to improve his or her nature photography skills. The emphasis is on nature, and includes everything one needs to know about practical technique, theory, ethics, and philosophy of nature photography.

The Ansel Adams Guide : Basic Techniques of Photography
by Ansel Adams, John Paul Schaefer, John P. Shaefer

The Ansel Adams Guide: Basic Techniques of PhotographyREVIEW: From Publisher

This introductory book, aimed at the serious novice photographer, is based upon Ansel Adams' theories about and techniques for visualizing and making a photograph. Using the impressive store of Adams' writings--including his noted advanced series--Schaefer offers the master's views on the artistic, practical, and technical aspects of photography. 378 illustrations, 38 in color; 152 technical drawings.

Fodors Adventures to Imagine : Thrilling Escapes in North America (1st Ed) by Peter Guttman

Fodor's Adverntures to Imagine - Peter GuttmanREVIEW: From

The key to a sublime vacation is a good imagination. But let's face it, when you need a rest the most is not when your creativity is firing on all cylinders. That is when Adventure to Imagine is the handiest. Peter Guttman has captured 28 types of adventures in stunning, inspiring photography. From cattle-driving roundups to iceboating, hot air ballooning to llama trekking, Guttman's pictures depict the excitement and the beauty of adventures around the world; lucid prose fills in the gaps. While enjoying Guttman's photography from the comfort of your sofa, you get to try on for size diverse vacations, fantasize to your heart's content, and choose the one that suits you best.

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