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May 15, 2000

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Biography - Stephen Johnson

Conceptual stock photography does not get any better than the images represented within the portfolio of Stephen Johnson. The dynamic portfolio of this long-time professional contains some of the best conceptual stock photography work you will find anywhere. Stephen has a 20+ year history of being in the business and the work in his portfolio is a reflection of his dedication and commitment to excellence in the images he produces.

Stephen's history in photography is filled with several large assignments, including his position as the darkroom manager and creative imaging department manager of Tony Stone Images. Along with these demanding and prestigious positions, Stephen has also built his own library of stock photography, which is now managed by Tony Stone.

During the latter half of the 1990's, Stephen set up his own photography consultation business, while shooting additional stock work at the same time. The consultation offered by Stephen is top-notch and available to anyone who is interested. Our staff recommends Stephen's consultation to anyone who is interested in learing more about the digital end of the photographic medium, whether it be through creative digital manipulation, automated processes through advanced programming, or even web site design.

Along with the excellent consultation offered by Stephen, you will also find a master of photography. The images represented here in Stephen's Profotos portfolio, are among the best conceptual stock images found anywhere in the world! Click on the link below and see for yourself, what perfection in digital imaging really is: the portfolio of Stephen Johnson.,Imaging technology needs to be understood to the core if it is to be used at its best.

My early work in setting up a creative imaging department at a major stock library involved learning many disciplines in order to deliver enhanced images from the process. Although I approached imagery from an aesthetic angle I found that I needed to develop deep technical understanding in order to control the look of the images, this turned out to be a matter of developing many skills including learning UNIX and VMS scripting to automate processes, adjusting colour look up tables for the Crosfield drum scanner and Kodak LVT transparency output devices as well as developing workflow solutions.

I now use my skill to help other people who need to extend their photographic expertise into the imaging area, these include:
PhotoShop training for photographers, from emulating darkroom techniques to advanced compositing

Calibrating scanners/monitors/output devices.

Developing workflow methods.

Automating repetitive processes (Unix, VB, VMS, PhotoShop actions)

Devising delivery systems (including web site design) .
My approach to consultancy is not just to specify requirements but also to work with the people involved in order to leave them in a position of confidence with the process.


1994 -1999
Stock Photography and Imaging consultancy

1990 -1994
Set up and manage the creative imaging department at Tony Stone Images.

1988 -1990
Stock Photography and imaging work.

1984 -1988
Manager of darkrooms at Tony Stone Images.

1980 -1983
3 year course in visual communications, photography and film at Trent Polytechnic in Nottingham.

CORE SKILLS (And fields of experience):


Crosfield trained on Maganscan 636 floor scanning drum scanner (RGB); Low to high end flatbed scanners; Table top drum scanners (Howtek 4500) CCD scanners (Nikon LS1000, LS2000, Polaroid 4000; Silverfast software


SGI Indy and Indigo; NT Workstations (including dual processor); Macs; Windows 95,98

Control Software:

VMS scripting to automate LVT printing;
UNIX scripting (Auto web page creation);
Visual basic;
PhotoShop actions

Imaging Software:

Barco Creator 6.x (Barco trained); PhotoShop 5.x; Poser; Bryce; Lightwave 5.6.

Photoshop training given on site using your own equipment and images.

Output devices:

Epson inkjet calibration; CDROM writing


Web site design; password protected directories; watermarking images; complete site management.


Planning and implementing the transition of a photographic collection into electronic form.


Please feel free to give me a call on +44 (0)1263 825277 for an informal chat or email me at with your request.

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PH: 44-0-1263-825277

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