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Your Safety matters to us at

Not Just Another "Number"

With the incredible expansion of the Internet and World Wide Web in the past few years, many online companies find themselves competing with others for various reasons. The majority of these companies are trying to "get ahead of the pack" and unfortunately, this type of goal-setting can have various consequences. One of the most noticeable consequences is when these companies lose sight of their original purpose for being online: to support their visitors. At, you can rest assured that we will not forget about our visitors and members, just to get ahead of the other guy. Our visitors and members are not "just another number to us". You are the reason we exist!

Security in our Services

When we at ask our visitors for personal information, such as their email address, name/mailing address, and credit card information, we are only doing so because of very good reasons. Under normal circumstances, we only ask for your email address, name/mailing address and credit card information in three instances: 1) when you sign up as a "Full Member" on our site; 2) when you place an order in our online store, and 3) when placing a bid on one of our auctions. This information is necessary, in order that we might bill your credit card company for the services our company rendered to you, our Customer. Under NO circumstances will we ever disclose any of this information with a third party.

Your Safety Online

We at would like to see our visitors and members return to our site for many years to come. That is why we are offering some words of advice in this section, which will hopefully keep you out of trouble on the Internet.

1) Never give out your name, address, social security number, or credit card number to a non-reputable company or individual online.
No matter how good the offer sounds, check out the background first.

2) Do not, under any circumstances, plan to meet with an individual you met through e-mail, or chat online. Dozens of cases have occured where an unsuspecting individual was conned into meeting with an unscrupulous person they met online.

3) Keep your passwords private, even from your best friend!
Your online service will never ask for them, so neither should anyone else.

4.) Use only your member name and/or e-mail address when chatting or sending e-mail. Never give out personal information like your name, address, or phone number. Internet fraud and marketing schemes are costing users millions of dollars.

5) Always delete unknown e-mail attachments before opening them.
They can contain destructive viruses.

6) Remember that nothing you write on the Web is completely private -- including e-mail. So be careful and think about what you type and who you tell.

With these thoughts in mind, we hope to see you at for years to come :-)


Your Friends at

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