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February 10, 2005

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Profotos Member Biography - Jacob Student

My name is Jacob Student, and over the last 20 years of my life, I have developed into an artist. My canvas is not a paper, a book, or even film. All the world is my canvas and my medium. Normal and conventional methods of photography are almost nonexistent in my mind. In fact, for me there are no “methods” of photography for me, it is all feeling and expression. Some people like to think outside of the box, well, I like to think with no box. Creativity and expression of less tangible emotions are the two things I try to capture most with my photographs. Using the tools created by the digital revolution, I enhance my photographs with the core of their expression, or at least the expression in my mind.

Being a kid who moved around every two years, I have a relatively open mind. I use this open-mindness to create images otherwise impossible to mentaly conjure. Striving to create images that one could never fathom is something that drives my photography into the direction it goes. When I have a photograph, I want it to be something that no one has ever seen before, especially aesthetically. I’m not too sure why, and it sure is a high expectation, but it’s what I want. Photography will never die out for me because there will always be that fire constantly burning to capture and share the world in ways never seen before.

Abstract photos are what I believe I do best, but I do take many different kinds of photos. Skateboard photography is what I started first, and what I will be doing when I retire. I always want to capture the essence of skateboarding, and share it with the world. Landscape photography came after skateboarding, and is another one of my stronger skills. Nature is the most amazing source of beauty and emotion. I could never get tired of the infinite amount of visual harmony nature has to offer. Musical Instruments take another notch on my photographic strength list. Music has always been a huge effect on my life and the person I am, so naturally I wanted to express the essence of music photographically. These are all my main inspirations for photography, although not the only ones. Ultimitaly, the world itself is my inspiration, and all the world is my canvas.

StudentLabs is my method of bringing my work to the world. I've been waiting two years now for StudentLabs to come together, and finally it has. I take everything what photography and digital design means to me, and implement them in projects for clients. This gives me the ability to create visually stunning and aestheticaly pleasing results. I do business design, personal design, web design, and I sell framed photography prints. This is the begining of StudentLabs, the things I see in the future are amazing, digital animation, digital music production, digital video production are all in what will be the second phase of StudentLabs, so keep your eyes open in the future. As for now, I'll just keep going with what I have now and please those of you that need what I offer, Graphical Creation (and more).

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Contact Info:
1182 Harcourt Apt B
Seaside, CA  93955  USA
PH: 831-583-9872

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