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Hair Jewelry - Unique pieces that can express individual beauty.

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People are not cut from cookie cutters. Each person is custom created and developed into a unique individual. That uniqueness begins with each person's birth and grows right along with that person. As such, each bride is different from every other bride. This leaves no room for cookie cutter weddings. A woman's wedding should be as special as she is. That's why so much planning goes into such a special event in order to make it memorable and exclusive from any other wedding.

Though every bride is deserving of a custom wedding, not every bride can afford it. Fortunately, every bride can afford extraordinary bridal jewelry from TigerLilly. Every piece of TigerLilly jewelry is hand made to order and is made of the highest quality materials. Each pearl and gemstone is hand selected so that no two pieces are ever exactly the same. To enhance the level of customization, custom designs are also available. Brides may submit their own or allow TigerLilly to design a piece or set specifically for them. For those who are unsure exactly what they want, there is always the option of working directly with a designer to develop the design that is just right.

The wedding day is a perfect opportunity for a bride to express her individuality with hair jewelry. Jeweled hair pins, tiaras, headbands, and combs can all be used to create beautiful, unique wedding hairstyles. Pairing the head pieces with the perfect veil also makes for an air of stunning elegance.

A bride's wedding day is way too special for everyday, common wedding jewelry. Trust TigerLilly to provide something that no other jewelry maker can. To view their selection and collections, log on to If you'd prefer to speak directly with a representative, simply call 1-800-230-9115. HELP | ADVERTISING INFO | CONTACT US | SITE MAP | FAQ's | ABOUT US
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