Sandro RossiA 1940 Zeiss Ikon folding camera, found at my grandparent's place, started my infatuation with photography in my early childhood. Creating my first pictures with that fascinating 'toy' was an outstanding experience and one, which led me taking up photography as a profession a few years later.

I was born and educated in Rome in 1959 and I have been involved for several years in the production of images in the advertising and arts spheres in Italy and in Australia where I settled in 1989. I won my first award at the "International Festival of Cinema" in Salerno, Italy with a short movie in S8 at the age of nineteen. Other awards and exhibitions in Europe and USA soon followed this. I am also been involved in lecturing and designing courses in professional photography.

My work has been published in leading magazines and has illustrated several postcard , calendars and books.

In my photography the colour is the element that gives more sensuality to my images than a human body or a situation.

Any colour scratches in depth the conscience engraving scars of a perfect symbolic concept that will stay there forever. It is like composing a puzzle where any colour is a fragment of our conscience.

A dense atmosphere of light and colour places the image in a space where reality and imagination live together satisfying each other and giving birth to essence of life: "Emotions".

I am based in Sydney, Australia.