The "Pearl Harbor Reflections" project was developed by the staff at Profotos, with the assistance of photographer, Gary Ell. All of the images appearing within this project were taken by Gary Ell during the weekend of June 3rd and June 4th at an airfield in Lakehurst, NJ.

The aircraft and stunt pilots in the images were all used in the Touchstone Pictures movie "Pearl Harbor" - these are the actual aircraft and pilots from the movie! During this weekend in New Jersey, Gary was able to capture all of the excitement of the aircraft, as they performed actual film sequences from the movie.

Pearl Harbor Reflections is an intense view of the aerial combat sequences you will see in the movie. This is a great look at WWII dogfighting and aerial combat! Check out the Limited Edition Prints link to see learn how you can own a piece of this historically recreated footage by Gary Ell.