Paco has been on his own as a freelance photographer since graduating in 1989 from the prestigious Institute of Photography in Barcelona, Spain. His work progressed and developed in several Barcelona area magazines and news papers. During this time he produced numerous photo essays about the flamenco art world (B & N), and nocturnal urban photography.

It was in October of 1998 when Hurricane Mitch arrived on Central American coastlines that Paco's career took a turn. Paco grabbed his gear and was on a plane to Nicaragua as soon word started to spread of the terrible devastation Mitch had wrought. The trip had a profound impact on Paco and since then, he has been back to Nicaragua three times to help document the effects the hurricane had on the people in the region.

As a result he started the longest project of his career, called The Eternal Hope, it is about what Paco describes as "the forgotten people of the earth. Little humans stories about tha people" Paco has also traveled to the island of Cuba and Turkey. Hes currently working on an in-depth multi-faceted project about the Saharauis refugee camps in southern Algeria.